Author: Carol Feller

A call out to all designers who are interested in designing with Nua Yarn.


Independent Designer Program A call out to all designers who are interested in designing with Nua Yarn.

  Are you a knitwear designer? If you would like to work with Nua Yarn then this post is for you! We have started a designer list that we are planning on using periodically to put out seasonal calls for yarn support. This is a very open ended program, what we offer is yarn support…
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Furrow mitts in nua yarn

Furrow Mitts

I’ve been sharing small details of these mitts with you over the last few weeks but now they are finished and the pattern is live! I really enjoyed the process of designing these mitts, they were designed to teach brioche in the round techniques in a step-by-step manner. This of course doesn’t mean that can’t…
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Woolly Wormhead on Trittico from Echoes of Heather and Stone

It’s time for us to take a look at the final design from Echoes of Heather and Stone. Trittico is designed by the fabulous Woolly Wormhead and is worked sideways in a series of 6 panels. Joining us on the blog today is Woolly to tells us more about the design, her inspiration and where the…
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Karie Westermann on Knowth from Echoes of Heather and Stone

Joining us on the blog today is the talented Karie Westermann as she shares her design Knowth for Echoes of Heather and Stone. Knowth is a bi-colour semi-circular shawl with slipstitches flowing into an elegant lace and cable border in a striking contrast colour. I hope you enjoy getting to know Karie and her design inspiration…
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Isabell Kraemer on Aine – Echoes of Heather and Stone

On the blog today we welcome the talented Isabell Kraemer to chat about her design, Aine, for Echoes of Heather and Stone. Aine is a beautiful garment with a colourwork yoke inspired by torc necklaces.  I hope you enjoy learning a little about Isabell’s background and design inspiration below. Welcome Isabell Can you tell us…
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Amanda Schwabe on Talamed – Echoes of Heather and Stone

I’d like to give Amanda a huge welcome to this blog and the book Echoes of Heather and Stone. Amanda has designed a unique, beautiful, cardigan that really takes the ancient Irish theme of the book and makes it her own. I think you’re going to love reading about her history and inspiration for the…
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Echoes of Heather and Stone

Did you know that I’m working on a new book? (Ok, you probably do as I’ve been dropping hints for quite a while!). We’re reaching the end stages of the editing so I’m going to reveal a few details to you! By the end of July the book should be on it’s way to the…
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If you follow me on social media you’ll know that I’ve got something special planned for the Woollinn yarn festival! I’ve designed an exclusive shawl (Bealtaine) for the festival that will be in the show brochure but that’s not all, the shawl is knit using an exclusive colour for the Woollinn Festival called Woollinn! The…
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Russler & Normal Life Again

Life is very slowly starting to return to normal here in Cork. We were very fortunate as we didn’t lose electricity or water which meant that we got a 4 day cosy family holiday. This included lots of eating, sleeping and game playing. It was like we got to do Christmas again! It was very…
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Birman Shawl

We are on the last pattern of the Nua Collection Volume 2; Birman Shawl. Today is the last day that you’ll get an automatic 10% discount off the collection, tomorrow it becomes full price. Now lets take a look at this shawl. With the Birman shawl I’m experimenting with a different type of colourwork again;…
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