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A call out to all designers who are interested in designing with Nua Yarn.


Independent Designer Program A call out to all designers who are interested in designing with Nua Yarn.

  Are you a knitwear designer? If you would like to work with Nua Yarn then this post is for you! We have started a designer list that we are planning on using periodically to put out seasonal calls for yarn support. This is a very open ended program, what we offer is yarn support…
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If you follow me on social media you’ll know that I’ve got something special planned for the Woollinn yarn festival! I’ve designed an exclusive shawl (Bealtaine) for the festival that will be in the show brochure but that’s not all, the shawl is knit using an exclusive colour for the Woollinn Festival called Woollinn! The…
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Russler & Normal Life Again

Life is very slowly starting to return to normal here in Cork. We were very fortunate as we didn’t lose electricity or water which meant that we got a 4 day cosy family holiday. This included lots of eating, sleeping and game playing. It was like we got to do Christmas again! It was very…
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Abys Cowl

It would appear winter has hit here in Ireland, it’s frosty and below freezing here this morning. As I went to record the video for the Abys Cowl I couldn’t help pulling it over my head and snuggling in deep. I can’t quite describe in words just how warm and satisfying it was….you’ll just have…
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Mau Hat

So we now have the first of the accessory patterns from Nua Collection Volume 2; Mau Hat. Nua yarn is pretty much perfect for accessories; it’s lightweight, super warm and soft. Definitely like wearing a hug. This is one of my favouirte styles of hat, a simple beanie that can be pulled down a little…
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Korat Sweater

It’s time for pattern 2 from my Nua Collection Volume 2; Korat. If you look through my patterns you’ll quickly see that I’m not really a colourwork person. I love working stranded colourwork, and the dense, squishy fabric it produces but I struggle to find sleek, different colourwork ideas that feel like ‘me’. When I…
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Cymric Cardigan

At last I can share the first of my Nua Collection Volume 2 with you all, Cymric Cardigan. This collection is available in a few different ways; print (with digital copy), digital only or as individual patterns. All purchases from my website allow you after checkout to add the pattern to your ravelry library but…
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Spritz Stripes Redo

It feels like a little luxury to reknit a pattern. Promoting my Nua yarn as well as a pattern opened up this possibility for me and I’m really enjoying the relaxing effect of reknitting a pattern. Designing is not always relaxing knitting time; especially at the early stages when you’re trying to figure out if…
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