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Lucy Hague on her Design Inspiration Behind her Newgrange Shawl.

Here at Stolen Stitches, we are very excited about the release of the upcoming book Echoes of Heather and Stone which focuses on patterns inspired by ancient Ireland. Over the next few weeks, we will be hearing from the contributing designers on their patterns and inspiration. This week on the blog is the wonderful Lucy…
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Birman Shawl

We are on the last pattern of the Nua Collection Volume 2; Birman Shawl. Today is the last day that you’ll get an automatic 10% discount off the collection, tomorrow it becomes full price. Now lets take a look at this shawl. With the Birman shawl I’m experimenting with a different type of colourwork again;…
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Korat Sweater

It’s time for pattern 2 from my Nua Collection Volume 2; Korat. If you look through my patterns you’ll quickly see that I’m not really a colourwork person. I love working stranded colourwork, and the dense, squishy fabric it produces but I struggle to find sleek, different colourwork ideas that feel like ‘me’. When I…
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